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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I started a twitter account so we could stay in touch

I will try and make it more about the band and less about me and my checkered past

See how that works

It's already a total mess

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chelsea Will Go Anywhere # 1: magic themed coffee shop

This is the first post in a recurring series where I assign a
photography mission to my good friend and excellent
photographer Chelsea Lowe.

By "photography mission" I mean this:

I send Chelsea into a place of business that distresses or interests me, and I get her to take pictures. I then re-create the menu or merchandise based on my impressions of her photos.

The first place Chelsea has agreed to go is a magic-themed coffee shop in Langford, BC.

The coffee shop is called "Illusions Cafe: the Magic of a Fresh Cup".

I haven't been this perplexed since I first heard about Long Island's "Yogourt 'N Such".


1. ABRACADABRA wraps: a sorcerous mélange of fantastical feta, magnetic mayonnaise, telekinetic tomato, and perplexing pepper, all swaddled up in a wizard-wrap 12.95$

2. PRESTO-PESTO BAR: Occult-oats. Presto-Pesto. Tastier than you’d think. Not starving? Ask us to "saw it in half!" 8.95$ "sawed in half": 8.25$ (plus .70 cent "sawing" surtax)

3. HOUDINI-CANO: Our magical twist on the Americano—the Houdini-cano will help YOU escape from the boredom box…with Pizazz! 3.25$

4. MAGIC-CINNOS: Take one “regular” Cappuccino. Now grate some “Illusions Café: the magic of a Fresh Cup” special spices onto the foam. Enjoy! 3.25$ (2.00 grating surtax) 5.25$

5. WHITE RABBITS: an illusionist’s classic! (just steamed milk) 2.95 $

6. DAVID POT-OF-COFFEE-FIELD: Copperfield's preferred dark roast, brewed up fresh in your own pot for you and your disciples 6.95$

Do you have an idea of where Chelsea should go next? Send it to: